Why you will love ZENSWEET

ZenSweet is the perfect combination of low calorie ingredients, creating a taste just like sugar.  Unlike other sweeteners, ZenSweet has superb baking and cooking functionality with no bitter after taste. ZenSweet can brown and caramelize, and is quick and easy to use. If your recipe calls for one cup of sugar… you just replace it with one cup of ZenSweet!



Habit Foods, the creators of ZenSweet, recognizes the growing importance and desire for people of all ages to stay healthy. We strive to create all natural, great tasting, honest products making it easy and fun to stay healthy. The National Diabetes Programs finds that diabetes effects 25.8 million adults and children and prediabetes is estimated to effect 70 million. Research proves that diabetes is growing at epidemic proportions. And, The World Health Organization states that there are 3.2 million diabetes-related deaths worldwide each year, a number equivalent to that of HIV/AIDS-related deaths.

Habit Foods wants to help change these terrifying statistics. We realize that in order to maintain our health, we all need a lower sugar lifestyle. Offering the first all natural cup for cup substitute to sugar is just the start. We believe everyone should have the ability to eat healthy, enjoyable food. Sugar free and allergy free foods can be expensive. That’s why, as a part of your community, Habit Foods is committed to offering special pricing to those in need of our products with limited income. Together we hope to make our world a healthier, happier place.