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About Us

It All Began in 2010...

That’s when Michelle started feeling ill. Doctors diagnosed Michelle with numerous food allergies, an inflammatory disorder called CIRs, and late stage Lyme disease. The news was a wake up call for us. For Michelle’s health, we had to cut certain foods from our diet — like allergens, refined, processed foods, and sugar. As two foodies raised by parents who both worked in the food industry, we thought it would be easy. So we headed to the grocery store and purchased all the health foods we could find.

We quickly realized we were wrong. Not only were these health foods expensive, they tasted terrible. It was frustrating to pay so much for foods with the texture and flavor of cardboard. That’s when we started experimenting in our kitchen and creating our own allergen-free, sugar-free recipes. Along the way, we discovered monk fruit, a healthy, natural sugar alternative that doesn’t spike blood sugar. In 2014, just a few years after Michelle’s diagnosis, ZenSweet was born. It was the first monk fruit sweetener available
in the U.S.A

Our Kids Call It

The Healthy Sugar

When our daughter was two years old, she called our ZenSweet Monk Fruit Sweetener “the healthy sugar.” Now, another kid and 5 years later, we still call ZenSweet “the healthy sugar.” Sometimes, kids know how to say it best. Our two kids influence and inspire everything we make. We’re raising them on ZenSweet products, and what we call “the ZenSweet life,” a lifestyle that’s delicious and healthy. And we want to give everyone that life. In fact, that’s our mission — to bring delicious, healthy food to all.


Taste matters. After trying hundreds of
healthy food products ourselves, we noticed 2 issues with many of the options on the market:

  1. They were expensive.
  2. They were flavorless or tasted bad.

We know how incredibly frustrating it is to spend money on food that’s anything but satisfying. And so, we believe that healthy foods should never sacrifice on flavor. Food should be a fun, delicious experience you enjoy with your family and friends.

That’s why our products go through rigorous taste testing before ever entering your kitchen. For instance, to create our dark chocolate brownie mix, we tested over 30 types of cocoa until we found the cocoa that provided the best fudgy, chocolatey flavor. Everything we launch is also first approved by the pickiest and harshest of critics — our two children. If they don’t like it, we head back to the drawing board.

Food Values

Nothing artificial — ever.

We believe foods made in a lab should stay in a lab and out of the kitchen. All ZenSweet products are all natural and Non-GMO Project Verified. Before we ever sold ZenSweet products, we made them for our kids in our own kitchen, because we wanted to feed them the very best. We feel the same way about your family.


We believe you and your family deserve the highest quality, healthiest ingredients. That’s why we use simple, natural ingredients in our baking mixes — like almond flour, monk fruit sweetener, cocoa, and sea salt. No dyes, hidden additives, or impossible to pronounce ingredients. The World Health Organization confirmed its safety in 1991 and 2001.

Our monk fruit sweetener contains just 3 natural, safe ingredients:

Monk fruit

Monk fruit is a small, round fruit grown in Southeast Asia. Our monk fruit sweetener is created by removing the seeds and skin of monk fruit and crushing it to collect the juice. The juice is then dried into a concentrated powder.


Erythritol is a natural alcohol sugar found in foods like fruit and vegetables. It contains zero calories, and unlike other sugar alcohols, it won’t upset your stomach. Multiple studies have been performed on erythritol and have demonstrated that it’s safe for human consumption.


Inulin is a type of soluble fiber that’s found in many plants. It’s prebiotic, meaning that it feeds good bacteria in the gut. We add it to ZenSweet Monk Fruit Sweetener to add fullness and texture and make ZenSweet look, feel, and measure like sugar.