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ZenSweet & ZenSweet Baking...


ZenSweet Baking is the perfect solution for incorporating your favorite treats into a healthy lifestyle. These delicious mixes are bound to become a favorite in your family and a staple in your pantry!
— Jessica Heggan (Founder, Jessi's Kitchen)

I’ve been using ZenSweet to sweeten my drinks and other foods. I love it because it is a little sweeter than plain erythritol, has a far better taste than stevia, and is not as expensive as Lakanto.
— Chikako S.

ZenSweet Baking mixes make it easy to whip up sugar-free and low-carb treats without compromising on flavor or spending a ton of time cooking!
— Nora (Founder, A Clean Bake)

I am not allowed sugar for health reasons and ZenSweet acts and tastes like sugar!!! None of that awful Stevia after taste!!! Thank you so much!!!
— Nannette S.

ZenSweet is a real food alternative that my entire family enjoys. I had never heard of monk fruit before and I am thrilled to be able to use and recommend a sugar alternative that is not derived from an artificial source.
— Lindsey Shifley (Super Food Revolution Ambassador)

I have a genetic predisposition to diabetes and have used many low or zero glycemic sugar substitutes. Each one I tried had an unpleasant aftertaste. ZenSweet is the first sugar substitute I’ve used with no unpleasant aftertaste. It offers a delicious sweetness that is just right to sprinkle on fruit, cereals, and add to organic teas, and recipes. I am so grateful to ZenSweet for making this delicious healthy sugar substitute.
— Judith F.


ZenSweet Brownies tasted great with a crisp outside. Nice for an occasional treat.
— Libby (Creator, Ditch The Carbs)

Baking with ZenSweet was super easy, the muffins I made turned out delicious!
— Lindsey S.

The ZenSweet Baking chocolate chip cookies were so good I had a hard time deciding if I was going to share them with my family!
— Jake Duncan PA-C (Funtional Medicine Provider & Founder, Stewarding Life Wellness)

Just made a batch of sugarfree chocolate chip cookies....ZenSweet, SF chocolate chips, SF brown sugar. WOW! Bakes great, tastes even better, fantastic consistency and volume. I’m sold. This is now my go-to sweetener!
— Helen W.

I recently tried ZenSweet Brownies and loved it! They baked up nicely and I couldn’t believe these delicious gluten-free brownies contain zero grams of sugar! I appreciate the clean ingredient list that I know and understand. These mixes are the perfect sweet treat for anyone trying to cut sugar out of their diet. I can’t wait to share these mixes with my blog readers!
— Jenny Finke (Good For You Gluten Free)

I love these Brownies! They are really good, not overly sweet.
— Natasha Newton (Keto Is Life)